Vibrational Intelligence refers to the ability of a living organism to detect and interpret the presence of and changes in life force energy in themselves, in others and in their environment. This innate ability or capacity to be aware of and to respond to changes in energy is present at birth, but it is most often used unconsciously. Each person can learn to develop greater sensitivity to and greater understanding of the energy field within and around them by first learning to notice what they are experiencing and then to develop a language or framework for interpreting these experiences. It is a kin to the musical or mathematical intelligences a person has at birth, some may have more than others, but by focusing attention on what is being experienced greater awareness and sensitivity is developed.

We begin with the premise that all that is, is energy. This includes the various types of energy that most people are familiar with including electrical and chemical energy, as well as objects that appear to us to be solid. This idea is analogous to ice cubes floating in a container of liquid water. They are both made up of the same substance, and yet the ice cubes appear solid only because their vibration has been slowed down enough to convert them from a liquid to a solid state. This analogy also holds true for the solid materials we see around us as essentially being composed of energy whose vibration has been slowed down enough to create a solid form. Modern physics recognizes this basic truth in our current fundamental understanding of the universe.

Our physical bodies are very good at interpreting energetic changes around us and translating those changes into physical perceptions that we come to understand as our sensory input. For example, our eyes are excellent converters of energy. They allow us to perceive the world in color by detecting and transforming the different vibrations of electromagnetic energy around us. Our eyes allow us to process electromagnetic energy, note any changes, and interpret these changes as various colors in our environment. Our ears perform a similar task in hearing, where they are able to process the energetic changes in sound waves and interpret those changes as differences in tone, pitch and volume as sensory perceptions.

In the case of Vibrational Intelligence, we look at a different form of energy from light or sound, but what we are calling life-force energy, which is all around us and within us as part of the living universe. As with sound or light energy, we also have the ability to detect and interpret life-force energy. We experience and process this energy most often on an unconscious level, and thus we don’t understand what we are experiencing or how we are getting the information we are getting.

Most people have had the experience of feeling a sense of peace or discomfort in a particular place or with a particular person without knowing quite why such feelings are present. Such a situation is a good example of how our physical bodies are able to detect and interpret life-force energy in a way that becomes part of our conscious awareness, even though we are unaware of the mechanism by which it occurs.

We all have Vibrational Intelligence.

We use it as we go about our day. We don’t realize it; however, since for the most part it is unconscious and we are not aware of what is happening. Furthermore, we all have the ability to become aware of this life-force energy, in ourselves, in others, and in our environment. We have the ability to develop our sensitivity to changes, for example in either in frequency or intensity, and learn ways to interpret those changes in order to understand at the most fundamental level what is happening within and around us.

We know about the different types of emotions and feelings that come up in response to various situations, but any emotion or feeling is the tip of the iceburg. It is the end result of the energetic vibration present that our bodies are detecting and interpreting as a thought or feeling. Even though changes in the frequency, flow, and intensity of life-force energy in and around us affect our thoughts and feelings, these same thoughts and feelings are no less important. We are simply learning how our thoughts and feelings come into being at their most fundamental level.